O noua colaborare


This handbook is drafted in order to avoid a difference in the way of refereeing between the Referees due to possible misinterpretation of the regulations.


All involved in refereeing must know the regulations well. They should use whatever is available to them to improve their performance in refereeing (knowledge of regulations – appropriate preparation – sense of justice). A sense of justice in general should be taken for granted in any decision during the match. This handbook supports the duties of the Referees. Understandably this will not be the final text, but in the future additions will be added for its’ completion.


The AGON IMIEPAFIS (semicontact competitions) include three types of engagements: the engagement in the standing position (orthostathin), wrestling (orthopali) and wrestling down on the ring “palaistra” (kato pangration). These three types of engagement should be treated with the same care and freedom of choice, for the pangratiasts to have, for the percentage of time spent in these three types, providing however a continuous flow of techniques. This will allow the pangratiasts to apply their particular tactical choices (orthostathin, orthopali, kato pangration or a combination between them) which will show a variety of unlimited possibilities that we generally expect to see.


Generally, this booklet is divided into three parts:


  1. Hellanodikis palaistras,
  2. Hellanodikis periphereias
  3. Hellanodikis generaly.


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